Move website form one account to another within InMotion

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My client has two accounts in InMotion and he needs to move a website from one account to the other.
They're on different servers.
I have cloned the files from the old server to the new one.
The target server is already running perfectly, testes on the temporary URL.
The problem is, when browser open the domain, it still getting data from the old server.

How to make the domain directed to the new server?
Domain is pointed to these nameservers which both server have the same :

Old server direct URL :
New server direct URL :
Opening on browser gets the data from old server
Ping get reply from

The new server has primary domain :

Hello minowi, and thanks for your question. After you migrate an account's files from one server to another, and you've tested either via the temporary URL, or by modifying your hosts file. The next step is to actually modify the DNS records on the new server to reflect this. If you wanted to make the website live on the new server and and start directing all traffic from the domain there, you would want to login to WHM on both the old and new servers, and use the Edit DNS Zone tool under the DNS Functions section. The first thing to look for would be the SOA string and specifically the Serial Number which would look something like this:
This reflects the year / month / day / iteration of the DNS zone. So if you had that on your old server, you'd want to login to your new server and edit the same DNS zone for the same domain name. But make sure to increase the serial number to today's date, and if the day is the same, iterate by one. So for instance if I made the change today, after I'm done editing my DNS zone on the new server, the serial from above should now look like:
The 02 on the end lets our public name servers know that this is the most up to date DNS zone, and as such our name servers should reflect that. Then what I'd recommend you do is go through all the DNS records in the DNS zone for your domain on the new server, and ensure that they are all pointing to the IP address of the new server. If any of them are still pointing at the IP address of the old server, then traffic will continue to go there for those sub-domains. Typically when we do account moves from one VPS to another, the process would involve making a full cPanel account backup of the account on the old server, and then restoring it onto the new server. When you do it this way, the DNS zone files that are stored in the cPanel backup files are also restored along with all of your website files, and then updated to reflect the new server. If both VPS servers are pointed at our name servers, then the new VPS would now have the highest SOA (Start of Authority) DNS record indicating website traffic should begin to go to it. If you're still having any issues, I see that you've already been able to submit a ticket requesting for assistance on this. Our Tier2 team should be reviewing that shortly for you. - Jacob