Why does the mysql database keep disconnecting?

  • Answered
I talked with an agent last week about my problem. My mysql database has been having problems lately not being able to connect. The agent said there was a server crash and I would experience "after shocks" for a while. Sadly, this problem has been consistent for over two weeks. My contract with inmotion hosting is about to end and I need this problem resolved otherwise I do not see the point in paying for a service that isn't working properly.

Sometimes my website loads, sometimes it loads WAY too slow, sometimes it doesn't load at all. The problem is not my code, as I was told originally, because my website was fine before this server crash. Please fix this problem so my website will load fast and correctly, otherwise I have no choice but to get my hosting with another company.
Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with connection to the database. If you spoke with an agent and they spoke about possible lingering issues, they should have fixed the problem and provided you with further information if a problem continued. So, our apologies on the continuing issue. Did you follow up with live technical support? Without any information, I have no way of reviewing your account and determining the current issue. Also, please review our article Database Connection Errors - and make sure that you have gone through the steps in troubleshooting and diagnosing the issue that are available to you. It's possible that you may uncover information on the issue from your own observations. This kind of information would be invaluable in resolving the issue. If you have a support ticket in action, simply reply to it with any new information and stress the time frame that you have been dealing with in working through this issue. This will help them place further priority on your case. Apologies again for the frustrations - it's definitely understandable. Provide us a little more time and information (if possible) and we will definitely work to resolve the problem. Kindest regards, Arnel C.