joomla- Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL

  • Answered
I updated my password for my Joomla database to one that I could remember. I then got the above error message. I have followed your article in relation to this and have changed my configuration.php file to ensure that the correct username and password were included. It still does not work even though I copied and pasted the new username and password from the amended configuration.php file into the MySql database log in and it worked. This seems quite strange as it should now recognise the new details through the configuration file. I have also tried logging in from another computer but it still doesn't work. Is anyone able to advise please?
Hello Smbrookes, I took a look at your account, but since you did not specify the URL, I was unable to see a Joomla installation. I could see several WordPress sites as well as a few other types, but the Joomla database wasn't visible. If you are installing this on a different server, then give us a little detail on the issue. You can also reach the live technical support team who can privately check your database connection by email/chat/phone. If you do so, please provide your verification information by providing either the last 4 digits of your credit cart or the AMP password. As per your reply, you mentioned that you were using one of our support articles to help you troubleshoot the problem. For reference, the MYSQL connection article is located here: Database Connection Error. If this is not the same article that you are using, then please review it for further help in determining your database connection issue. Apologies for the delay in getting you a better answer. We just need a little more information in order to determine the issue. Regards, Arnel C.