Unable to change php version? Extensions?

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I have a shared account on inMotion for one of my clients... Actually more than one... I have noticed that regardless of what I set the PHP version to in the cPanel, when I run phpinfo (or a utility in WordPress) it *always* reports PHP Ver. 5.3.27.

I can look in the root and see that the current php.ini is being renamed as a backup and a new version is installed... But the results are always the same... v 5.3.27 What's the story? How can I *actually* change the php version I have for the site? Upload the ini myself to the root?

And while I have you...
Other hosting companies allow you to add extensions to php in the same cPanel place where you change php versions. inMotion doesn't appear to.
For example on Bluehost they give you a list you can check off...
Magick Wand
Mail Parse
Upload Progress

Are these automatically and already there on inMotion? If not, how do I activate them?

Inquiring minds and all that... LOL


The PHP version switcher in cPanel simply writes a new PHP handler into the .htaccess file within your home directory. Sometimes, it can have issues in writing the new handler. To resolve this, you may manually place a new hander inside the .htaccess file. The following article will help you with that: Using multiple PHP versions on one account Much of the software listed is indeed already installed on the server. To find exact information about the specific environment you are located in, I recommend contacting technical support for further information.