Site not showing after move to vps

  • Answered
I was recently moved to a VPS after being suspended several times on my old server through you guys. I was told 24 hours for domain propagation and it been that or more. I am desperate to get my websites back up and running, I have my business site as well as a clients and this is not only scaring my reputation but its losing me business. I've followed much of the info I was told to look at but the info seems quite vague and not very detailed. I like inmotion, but if this isn't resolved soon and I get angry phone calls or people think my business is closed, I may have to switch to a different host. Please, I need to get this up and running ASAP!
Hello, Thank you for your question. I am seeing that the DNS change was made and that it was also made again by your request a few minutes to you prior to posting this question when you contacted our support team. It does indeed seem that the push will clear the DNS and the change will take place soon. Our servers are not showing any of the old information in the settings. Propagation time appears to be the only thing standing in your way at the moment. Once the DNS servers around the world update, then you should have no issue seeing your site. Unfortunately we cannot hurry that process along as it each individual DNS server has their own refresh rates. Kindest Regards, Scott M