Shared Hosting for a Project

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We are working in a project for the next year with a Funtation to design websites for Non-Profit-Organisations. So we are considering Inmotion as the solution.

Each organisation will have at leat the next requirements:

1. In the begining each web site will need like 1 GB space and we estimate that at the end of a year the space will be between 5-10 GB, mostly for email space accounts.
2. The "uptime" is a critical option.
3. From 1 GB bandwith in the begining and at the end of the year it could be like 20 GB.

We estimate that we will be able to have from 5 to 10 sites per month.

We know that you have Reseller Plans and Shared solution.
******************************** QUESTIONS*********************************
What do your recomend to us:

1. To open a Reseller Plan or to buy Shared Hosting Plans each time that we need to open an account?

2. Is there a way that to have the Reseller Plan or the Shared account in an specific server that allows the best Uptime service?

3. Let say that in a future each accoun reach the 10GB space and no more. Could it be a problem for your space policies?

4. If there are more space requirements for an specific account? Can we upgrade to a business plan with the minimum downtime?



Hello Francisco, Thanks for the question. This is more of a sales question, but we can try to provide what will hopefully be satisfactory answers. A re-seller account is made so that an individual can re-brand accounts per their own company name. For information go to understanding the reseller access. It will be up to you how you want to handle the accounts - be it Reseller or Shared Hosting. If uptime is critical, then we highly recommend VPS or Dedicated server hosting. If you want the best uptime service, then you should go with either a VPS or dedicated server account. 10 GB is a fairly large website. Our shared server accounts do not limit the space, but you may be moved into a server for large accounts if the size of the website becomes an issue. Websites in general shouldn't be reaching 10 GB unless they are not well maintained, not optimized, or poorly designed. You can have a smaller footprint on your server if you design it to have your commonly accessed media resources on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you find yourself with a large site, then it should be on a server with more capacity for a site that size such as a dedicated server. Upgrading or downgrading is definitely possible. There is no "grading" of downtime per server. We share equal concern with server downtime on any server that we manage. I hope this helps to answer your questions. Please contact our Sales Department for any further questions on services. You are also welcome to contact them via chat. Kindest regards, Arnel C.