Cannot access website

  • Answered
Yesterday, I've successfuly setting the cpanel, and even create an email for the site using cpanel.

But, today I can't access it. I've been trying since this morning, and still no good sign happened.
Btw, the site is: I can't access both front-end and back-end, but I can access the cpanel.

Please be so kind to resolve my problem
Thank you very much
Unfortunately, as this was posted on the public forums, I am unable to access your account or make any changes to it to investigate any issues that you may be having. If you have recently pointed the domain within 24 hours ago, it can take up to 24 hours for propagation to take place. When currently checking where the domain resolves to, it also looks like it is resolving to the IP of our nameservers instead of the server that houses your account. Did you make a DNS record change to cause this? If you have everything set up and pointed correctly, and it has been over 24 hours since you have made the changes to allow for propagation, I recommend contacting technical support as they will be able to take a further look for you.