The mod_security error on the server?

  • Answered

I have write an file upload form on my website. And this is working properly in the case of image files and i have checked the log files and there is no issue. But when i try to upload a video file it show me an error on log file like

""ModSecurity: Input filter: Failed to create temporary file: /tmp/mod_security/20130930-064839-UkmBNtjCpcIAABWiE64AAAAB-request_body-brFmSI [hostname ""] [uri "/study_videos/6"] [unique_id "UkmBNtjCpcIAABWiE64AAAAB"]".

When i search google ot says that it is due to additional mod_security written by the hosting team. So can you please help me to fix this issue on my server?
Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to your account via this public forum, but you can contact support to disable an individual mod_security rule within a VPS or dedicated server environment. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you may disable mod_security within your cPanel.