The "in directory" of Softaculous Clone function

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will Softaculous Clone function do "EXACTLY" the same as this Article 329: Moving your Wordpress from a subfolder to the root directory (in my case i modify 329, i'm moving from add-on domain to add-on domain)

i was just on the phone with IMH tech and we are NOT sure what is entered in the Clone Installation>"In Directory". i thought to leave it blank because Clone would use the name you entered in previous step "Choose Domain" and use the above domain name as the directory name. the tech said he thought i should use "public_html/". this scares me because a few days ago several IMH techs said DO NOT use public_html in path you could wipe out your account (but they were referring to article 329). HELP!!! (posted this in my Wordpress Question but i feel this Clone Function is applicable to EVERYTHING in softaculous, not just WP.)
Hello TheBoatPeople, Thanks for the question! The "In Directory" refers to the location of program installations on the web server. If it is BLANK (meaning no entry), then the default location would be placed in the public_html folder. If there is something placed in the "in directory" blank like the word "folder", then a sub-directory would be created with that name. The path would look like this: public_html/folder Note that the folder is created UNDER the public_html folder by default. The public_html folder is known as the root domain or primary domain of the account. The "in directory" option applies to your hosting account, so that if you DO already have files in the public_html folder, it's possible that you will have conflicts if there is a file or folder of the same name. Therefore, it is highly recommneded that you check out the location of the installation by using something like the file manager in cPanel in order to look at your actual files currently saved on the web server. I hope this helps to answer you're question! Coincidentally, we actually have a community support member currently writing an article on this very function. You should see an article on that topic in the Support Center within the next day. Kindest regards, Arnel C.