Website not showing after change of name servers

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We bought hosting and domain ( at your hosting for our organization and created new website. Now we need to start using your hosting as primary ( website. We changed nameservers at our domain provider (for from ex hosting to your nameservers. Then we created parked domain in cpanel. After that in AMP we changed primary domain from to
Now sometimes we see old site and sometimes new site. (more than 12 hours passed since changing nameservers to yours)
What troubles me is when I try to ping ("express") with it is found as in your nameservers space, but shows this error:

Whois query for
Query error: No whois server known for the given domain

Is this normal for domain change period? Did we do something wrong in the process?
As I said we mostly see old website on PC browsers and on mobile browsers we see new website.

Another thing. What about now? I want it to redirect to but it is not visible in cpanel, only in AMP. Should I add it as parked domain in cpanel and then redirect or is there another solution?

Hello Matija, Thanks for your questions! Typically, DNS propagation takes about 24 hours to complete (in some cases it might take a little longer). This is normal behavior when name servers are changed. So as per your latest reply, you are now seeing the site. In regards to the re-directs, if you want the domain name to resolve to another location, then you can use a parked domain. As long as the name servers for the domain are pointed tour name servers, then you can add it as a parked domain. If the domain is registered with a different domain registrar, you will not see the domain in the Account Management Panel (AMP). I hope this helps to answer all your questions! Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. Regards, Arnel C.