Wordpress dashboard scrambled

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I've recently discovered that my WOrdpress dashboard is scrambled when i attempt to manage my wordpress site. When accessing the dashboard it appears as if no CSS hase been used.

If I view the site in Google Chrome Developer it reveals 4 errors,

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

on various functions to do with load-styles.php

I have reinstalled and replaced the wordpress core files a total of 4 times and have still not managed to rectify the issue. Can anyone help at all please?
When doing some research, it looks like this error can be caused by multiple things. The most common reason for a 404 error would be that the individual file that it is referencing does not exist. You can find more information on 404 errors here:
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Some research into your particular issue with Wordpress has led me to a few other possibilities as well.

Modifying your .htaccess file:
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A possible hack within your Wordpress installation:
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