How to get Image URL

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I am only new to using opencart and am setting up some new manufactures. I have set up some new manufacturers via catalogue>manufacturers which is fine. However when I am doing it to set up the image in the banner - where do you get the url from to put in as the link so that when a customer clicks on the logo it takes them to the page with all that brands products.

And secondly I have one that has been set up however when you click on the image and then bring up all that brands products when you go to click on page 2 it comes up with a page not found error.

I have been waiting weeks for this to be fixed by my web people but it is just not happening so any help in "laymans" terms which I can troubleshoot myself would be helpful
Hello ellej13, Thank you for your questions. You can get an image URL by right-clicking the image and selecting Copy Image Location (in firefox), or Copy Image URL in Chrome. Then you can paste the address into the required field. We are happy to help with your Page not found error, but will need more information to troubleshoot further, such as a link to the page with an error. There are several payment gateways you can use with OpenCart, here is a setup guide on Paypal, which is very popular. You can also process payments with paypal, using an "iPhone, iPad, or Android device" here is a link to their payment solutions page. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul