php curl not working over https

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I have a php script trying to get some data from a google server. It needs to do it over https.
It has been working fine for months and recently (maybe today) it stopped working all of a sudden.

The curl_exec() function is just exiting the script execution without reporting anything.
I've added echo lines so you could see exactly where the execution stops.

I had a similar problem with php's fopen/fread not working over a https connection, so I'm starting to think something was changed on the server to prevent https from working in php.
Hello gacktsan,

This issue should be resolved now. It looked like the PHP SSL library was not able to load successfully on the server and this was causing the issues pulling content over a SSL connection.

Please let us know if you still are noticing any problems at all.

- Jacob
Hello Gacktsan,

Apologies for the problem with the cron job issues. I just spent about half an hour looking at your problem with a Tier2c tech. The weird thing is that were able to get the script working in shell (ssh), but NOT in a web browser. We're not sure why that would be the case. I need to ask Jacob to review the issue again tomorrow since we do not cover the support center 24 hours. We'll post information on this issue tomorrow after further investigation.

Apologies for the delay in providing a solid answer. We should have more information after further review tomorrow.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.