upload to php on IOS code

  • Answered
when i upload a file to my example PHP on
from my IOS code i get ERROR 500. while the same code other server is working fine.
when i upload using a POST method on a web-page it working fine.
accessing the page on IOS without loading the file on POST is also working fine.
Hello omriargaman, and thanks for the question. I do not see any 500 errors logged for your site, what is the exact error message you're seeing? Also at what point are you seeing this error? I was able to test your upload form and it worked fine from a web-browser, but it sounds like you aren't having issues with that, just when uploading from iOS? It sounds like other people have also encountered similar issues with iOS, and you might wish to take a look at this post I found on Uploading an image via HTTP POST request. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob