How to add link in footer

  • Answered
To whom it may concern,

I would like to know how to add a link in the right side footer, close to "Suffusion".

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I am a newbie.
Hello Candace, In order to change footer text in WordPress, you need to edit your WordPress theme's footer file. In your case it would appear this file is:
The line causing the Suffusion text to display is line 33 which looks like:
<td class="cred-right"><a href="">Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha</a></td>
This is using an HTML table with the <td> element. So you can add another column with your own text either above or below that line like:
<td>My awesome new text</td>
Now please note that it looks like that theme wasn't setup style-wise to have more text on the footer. So you might have to play with the style a bit, as the other table elements are all using a CSS class of either cred-left, cred-center, or cred-right. To make the text a link, you can copy the same format as the line linking to the WordPress theme. I hope that was clear enough for you, please let us know if you still had any further questions! - Jacob