Hello YourAdrenalineFix, and thanks for your question. I apologize for our delay in the response to this, I see from that link you've posted that you appear to already have a working solution in place. Can you confirm this is indeed working for you? I don't see any indication from the server-side as to the .htaccess file being modified that would have accounted for this overnight change in your website's behavior. I do see that multiple .htaccess files across your account were uploaded via FTP on July 18th, was this before or after you were already experiencing problems? It looks like it would have been around 7:30 AM EST. When you contacted us the day after you found out the issues, did we compare the version from the most recent server backup to the current file? I'd assume that we did attempt this method and that's how we determined nothing had changed in your coding. If the current version of your site seems to be back to 100% functionality now, I would highly recommend to backup your website files just to ensure if anything breaks again you have a known good copy to attempt restoring from. Please let us know if you're still having problems! - Jacob