Hello Fudesign, Thanks for the question. The server is only set to localhost when the access to the database is coming from something running directly on the web server. In this case, you're using an application on your computer to access the database, so you will need to configure database access with your domain name (or the server name). The domain name can be used only if it's pointed to our server already. If it's not, then you should determine your server name and use that. Here's an example: bizXXX.inmotionhosting.com. The user name and password are based on the user name and password that you setup for the database within the MySQL interface in cPanel. Note that you are not limited to a single user name accessing the database, but each assigned user name will need to be setup in the MySQL interface. You will also need to setup a remote MySQL connection. Once you have that setup, then you will be able to access the database remotely. By the way, the default port of 3306 is correct - don't change that setting! I hope this helps to answer your question. If you require any further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.