Moodle Database Error

  • Answered
My installation of moodle has been working perfect until last night. I receive the following error when I go to my Moodle page at
Use of undefined constant _DIR_-assumed '_DIR_' in /home/explor29/public_html/moodle/lib/dml/moodle_database.php on line 27.

I tried reinstalling moodle with no luck.
Can you help?
Hello scxq28, and sorry about the issues. Our senior system administration team did update the version of PHP on the servers yesterday, and this did have some unintended side-effects relating to the php.ini file being used by default. I went ahead and reverted back to PHP 5.3 for you, instead of PHP 5.4 and this looked to resolve your Moodle issues for you. Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues anywhere else on your site. Sorry again for the problems and any inconvenience. - Jacob