Database connection fails after writing a post

  • Answered
My website just started displaying this error.
Error Establishing a database connection

It was working fine, I was actually in the middle of making a post, when I went to save the draft, it failed to connect.

Can you help me fix it?
Hello KristenH, I'm sorry to hear about your database connection errors. Your database connection works through a different port than your internet connection, so while it might appear to be a server issue, it's also possible that something's happening on the network that's causing issues with the connection via the port to your database (by default it's typically 3306 for SQL). I checked your website and everything was working fine. Just to make sure that everything was okay on the database, I also ran the check/repair service that you can run in MySQL in cPanel. This also checked out okay. We connect in the same manner as you do when connecting to the website and database so as far as we can tell it's normal - at this time. If you continue to have periodic problems connecting, review the instructions in this article to check your MySQL connection. If you require any further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.