My open cart site has multiple domains. How do I enter multiple tracking codes?

  • Answered
I was able to add one code...but not sure if I need more than one for different domains even though they all go to the same site.

Thanks so much!
Hi danitaw, I'm not very familiar with adding multiple Google Analtyics tracking codes to OpenCart, and I'm not seeing much documentation online about the topic. In this tutorial, Adding the Google Analytics code to OpenCart, it shows how to add one tracking code. Have you tried pasting multiple tracking codes into the Google Analtics Code field? This, however may give you unexpected results, as multiple codes on the same page may cause problems. What you're trying to do doesn't seem to be possible with the default OpenCart setup (as far as I can tell). I found a few extensions that may help. I'm assuming the extensions were created as this task isn't possible without them: Multistore Google Analytics Multistore google analytics I can't vouch if this will work or not, but I did find this tutorial in which someone apparently modified several OpenCart files to get the task done (please note, it's never a good idea to modify core files as if you upgrade your store you could lose the changes) Opencart: Add store based google analytics code I hope this helps point you in the right direction! Thanks, - Brad