failed installs -- PHP version too high

  • Answered
I've been trying to install some software using PHP and I'm getting the following error frequently:
"The following errors were found :
?Required PHP version less than 5.3 AND found version is : 5.3.26"

Are waiting for software developers to update? Or are we waiting for InMotion to install more recent versions to Softaculous? Is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance for feedback!

Hello mickeyt2k, Thank you for your question. If you are trying to install a program that requires an older version of PHP, you can change your PHP version in cPanel. Softaculous as a whole updates itself, and typically up-to-date versions of programs are available. If you can list the specific programs giving this error, I would be happy to investigate further. You can also install the software manually, by following their provided instructions. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul