Trying to change name servers on domain, but can't make the change in the Domain Manager.

  • Answered
Hello, Inmotion!

I added an account on my WHM/cPanel VPS Server, with the domain:

But when i try on my Domain Manager (, to change the Nameserver configuration, to the NS of Inmotion, the Domain Manager returns "Fail on DNS".

Why is that happening? I need to the Inmotion Nameserver receives successfully my domain, to change the nameserver of domain to the inmotion.
Hello Luizhrqas, I tried looking up the domain to see if it was registered with any particular domain. As far as I can tell, the domain name has not been registered with a domain registrar. Since it is a Brazilian domain, you will need to register a domain a domain registrar who supports Brazilian domain names. After the domain is properly registered, then you will need to use that domain registrar's interface in order to change the domain name server settings. You will not be able to manage the domain's name servers since it is not registered through our services. Also, if you just registered the domain, please be aware that the domain may not be available on the internet immediately due to propagation. This period of propagation may typically last up to 24 hours. I hope this helps to clarify the issue. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Arnel C.