Rules on file names

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What are the rules for filenames to be uploaded to the server per HTML form? What special characters cannot be used? Is there a way for InMotion to give exception to rules for users?

User: rfqcta5

Hello Mikecam3, Thanks for the question about Rules on file names! The webserver that you're using is running on a form of Linux, so the naming conventions for file names will be based on that operating system. File names are pretty much limited to alphanumeric, the underscore and dash. We have an article called Best practices for naming files in Linux. Remember that the server is capital sensitive, so if you name a file "FILENAME", it will be a separate file from "filename". Unfortunately, there is no way to make exceptions for the rules. I hope this provides the answer you need. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.