Large file uploading problem

  • Answered
I have Elite Dedicated Server and i have a code which is done in php. When i am trying to upload less than 280MB file it works fine. if it is more than that i could not get it .
Please check
Before some months i got same problem then i have increased MAX_FILE_UPLOAD_SIZE then it was working fine upto last one month. now it is not working.
Hello spskumar,

I tested your code on my own server. I am able to successfully upload smaller files, (100 - 200MB, etc) but when I attempt to upload larger files (mytest file is 540MB) it seems to sit there uploading and then forward to the send_upload.php URL. In my case, I get a connection reset. Is this the behavior you are seeing? Also, is this something you absolutely need? Php is not designed for transfer of larger files, whereas FTP is. You may want to consider creating a public FTP account if that is feasible for your situation.

Best Regards,
Scott M