Issues with Wordrpess and Support Center Login.

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(1) Wordpress Login Temporarily disabled" has been happening to me for weeks now and there is no clear guidance why, or what to do about it.

(2) The only way to access support is to log in through Facebook, which presents an "option" for you to access my "friends" and my e-mail, which if I opt not to do, keeps me from being able to contact support. I'd explain why that is wrong and offensive, but since you set it up that way, I don't think you'd understand.

Seriously, an unpleasant experience all around.
Hello Trematodon, Iam sorry to hear you are having issues with your Wordpress and the login for the Support Center. I am, however, happy to address these issues for you: 1) We have extensive documentation on dealing with the WordPress brute force login attack and its resolution. The mod_security looks for the attempt to log in and evaluates different variables before it disables the login. You can, however, simply toggle the mod_security for your account and set up your WordPress itself to be more secure so the block does not occur. Below are a links to our articles on both toggling the mod_security and protecting your WordPress . Protecting your WordPress Toggling the mod_security feature. 2) When we created the new Support Center, we made some changes to the AMP login as well. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve that. Once it is ironed out, you will be able to once again use your AMP credentials. The Google+, Facebook, and Twitter logins are simply available for convenience and will remain as well. Best Regards, Scott M