Deleted site from Sitebuilder and found it created a problem with WordPress

  • Answered
In February, I created a wordpress site for my address and this following a previous site made by sitebuilder. Since then I have noticed both sites would come up. The Sitebuilder site from /com/home, and WP site from just .com. I decided to delete sitebuilder site after updating with a trial run of change .com/home to ,com/test. This turned the page into text only and before deleting. The same after deleting. I then went to WP admin and tried reloading the theme. It does not work. The site page shows text of home page only. Do I need to reinstall WP and how. Or is there a link change or file change. I think sitebuilder wrote over the WP linkage. Just a guess. The site is
Hello rposson! Sorry for the trouble with your WordPress. You may have an index page that is loading befiore your WordPRess index. The order of the files load index.htm first, then index..html, then index.php. Remove the page for the Builder and your WordPress should load. Also, see our website trouble shooting guide below. Common Website Issues Best Regards, James R