What version of xampp should I use to develop my local joomla 2.5 site?

  • Answered
I uploaded my site once without problems. But the last two times I had php conflicts resulting in blank pages. I switched to an earlier xampp version, uninstalled a module, and requested an upgrade to php 5 from imh. It now shows up as php 5.3.17. I'm new to this and am trying to avoid more conflicts and problems as I develop my site. I'd be interested in any advice regarding local joomla development with xampp.
Hello Kminer, Thanks for the question! It appears that your initial conflict had more to do with PHP version than XAMPP. I would recommend that you check make sure that the version you choose is able to support a version of PHP that you are using on the web server. For InMotion Hosting, you can find the how to change your PHP version here. I checked the Xampp website and the 1.8.1 version I noted supported PHP 5.4.7. Again, you just need to be sure that your PHP versions are matched so that you can transfer between local and online environments. I hope this helps to answer your question! Please let us know if you require any further assistance! Regards, Arnel C.