Cant get rid of before web URL

  • Answered
Hi. My name is Joel and i am not a web designer but somehow, i got cough up in designing a website for my office.
I have installed the joomla installation, populated it with data, and i am pretty satisfied with the overall outlook of the site.
Problem is i cant seem to get rid of before the actual site URL. which means no one can actually access the site without typing in first.
Its hosted with 123reg, and i have tried everything i can think of.
I would deeply appreciate any help you could offer.
Hello jojo2013, Thank you for your question. Your site may be directing to that address because it is set in the configuration.php file, I recommend reading the section of this article on Changing from a Temp URL to a domain name. Then make sure your domain name is set correctly already. Also, check your .htaccess file for any redirect rules setup there. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul