Adding Google Analytics

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I added the google anlytics code as per "Adding the Google Analytics code to OpenCart" section, but it appears in the top left hand of web page as text! Should it do this? The website is if you wish to see this.
Thank You
Hello elsmore1, As per the official google ecommerce installation guide Log in to the admin control panel and click on: Extensions > Modules > Ecommerce Tracking > Install If you are not seeing the module listed, make sure you have uploaded the file to the root of your OpenCart installation. The public_html folder is correct if that is where your OpenCart is installed. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul
Hello Elsmore1, Sorry to hear of your problems with Google Analytics. The article will need to be updated. The Google add-on is no longer an entry in the latest version of OpenCart 1.5.4. You can however find it in the extensions list provided by Open Cart extensions extensions page. Arnel C.