DNS updated Site is now live -Remove Temp URL from wp Config?

  • Answered
I used my temp url with an addon domain to design and test my site that has just now had its dns updated from its original host. Now live with IMH. I believe I should remove the the temp url code lines from my wp config but wish to be sure... Do I remove the entire 2 lines of code from the WP_Home and WP_SiteURL or just the temp url pieces of the code lines? I see a super cache plugin has also added a similar line of code with the temp url in the wp config file too - does that also need to be updated?
Hello Jim1vey, Thank you for your question. You just need to replace the Temp URL in the code with the new domain name. Here is a link to our full article on Changing your Wordpress URL. You shouldn't have to change anything regarding the Super Cache Plugin. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul