Accessing Folders with FTP

  • Answered
I have a Business Hosting account and need access to the directory just above public_html. I can't seem to find a way to set this up in the FTP configuration.

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Hello AmmonHaggerty, I renamed your question because you do not get FTP or any type of ROOT access with a Business-level hosting account. You can get ROOT-level access only with VPS or DEDICATED server accounts. In answer to your question, you can use your Cpanel user name and password to access all of the folders on your account through FTP. You should not be using a created FTP account in the Cpanel to do this. Your Cpanel user name and password give you access to FTP to the account move files in that specific account. If you require further information, please review the Getting Started with FTP guide as it will give you the information you need to properly login with FTP. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment with more details and and we will be happy to review the issue for you. Arnel C. Community Support Team