Special user-only access

  • Answered
I'm building a shipment tracking web platform and would like to know if there's a module that can help with generate random tracking numbers to help track shipment?

Also would like help with creating content/info that authenticated users can access that is different from user to user. i.e User A gets info specific to him only on the site that User B can never access or even view, though they are both registered users.

Hello Fancys, Some of what you are asking may require some coding on your site - which we do not necessarily provide the specifics. However, we do strive to provide an answer after researching the question. Check out this article on generating a random number in a form. They do provide code there and hopefully sufficient information that should help get you pointed in the direction of generating random numbers for your project needs. In regards to the content, you're going to need to create user roles where you can restrict users based on the role or group that you create. You can use our education channel for Managing Users or you can reference the documentation directly on the Drupal site. You have to provide ways for your content to be accessed by certain users based on how you provide roles for your users. For example, you might create a role called 'buyer' who has access to content that another role like "client" may not ever see. Please review the user management documentation for further information on this issue. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Arnel C. InMotion Hosting Community Support Team