I keep getting a 403 error after reinstalling any CMS software

  • Answered
I moved some files around which screwed up my site, so I decided to start over. I deleted the CMS software via Softaculous and that did not work so I then deleted the files in the directory and tried to reinstall. Now no matter what CMS I install it does not work., I am sure I deleted a needed file....can you help?
Hello masonem, and sorry for the troubles you're having. From what I could tell, it looks like you were lacking any default Index pages in .htaccess in your main /public_html/ directory. Because of this, you were getting a 403 error since your user didn't have access to any files (since there were none there). You did appear to have some files in the /public_html/drup/ directory, and when I attempted to go to your website and appended /drup onto the end, it did pull up the Drupal files from the server, but those appeared to just be the defaults and you had a lot of missing content. I see that we've already sent you out a data restoration request, because it didn't look like there was anything of importance already setup on the account. I went ahead and restored to your account what we had in our daily backups. I left the original files from when I first got into your account in the following directory:


Please let us know if you needed either of those directories placed back onto your live website. For the time being, it looks like everything should be operation again. If you continue to have issues accessing an application that you install with Softaculous, please ensure that you're attempting to access the correct sub-directory that you've installed it to. If it's still giving you problems please let us know! - Jacob