Contact form unable to send email

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Good day,
I'm just wondering what could probably be the error in my site in which the "contact us" or the "contact us form" cannot successfully send message.

By the way, the site is powered by wordpress. And i installed a theme for this. Thanks!

please visit the site so you can test run the form.

more power, thanks!

Helo joemartheman,

I visited the site URL given and see no form at all. Is this the issue you are having? Or did you remove it? Was it displaying but not sending the email? Did you check in the error_log for the wordpress to see if it was a php error? Have you tried a different plugin or theme to see if it was that specific one? What theme are you using and what plugin (if any) are you using for the contact form? Do you have other plugins installed? Have you tested with the other plugins disabled?

The more details you can give about the issue, the better, but I would at least try as many of those options such as disabling plugins or trying a different one to see if that helps.

Best Regards,
Scott M