load pma in phpmyadmin

  • Answered
I tried importing pma db and get errors. Before I spend a lot of time attempting this other ways do you have any suggestions? Will PMA db be blocked? enabling usage of views.
Hello better54, and thank you for your question. When you are mentioning a "PMA" database, are you referring to a Premarket Approval (PMA) database, or something else? If your database backup that you're attempting to restore is greater than 50MB then we would need to import it for you. If you have your own MySQL database backup and it's less than 50MB in size and you're still having issues, you'll want to make sure that your backup file doesn't have a CREATE DATABASE statement in it. You can read our guide on how to import a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin for more in-depth information about how to do that. If you're still having any issues at all, please submit a ticket to us at [email protected] letting us know the location of your MySQL database backup, and the name of the MySQL database you need it imported into, and we should be able to handle that for you. - Jacob