High server resource usage due to mail

  • Answered
I was advice, since I'm using IMAProtocol to check my mail, to open a folder "archived-older-mails" so that I could avoid high server resource usage. My question is then, if I use separate folders for different clients, for example, . . is there a way to have a 2012 archive (with the same clients folders) and keep in my regular in box (2013), the same order of clients folders, that I regularly use. Most of the times I use webmail RoundCube, instead of outlook.
. . . would this take care of the overload servers usage??
. . . many thaks, regards!
Thank you for your question carlos007! You can break up your emails into folders however you like. You can create folders in your webmail and sync them with your email client. That way you can separate your Inbox from your other archived emails. Check the links below on this. Managing folders in RoundCube How our automated IMAP archiving works Possible server resource usage problems when using IMAP Best Regards, James R