Nameserver Change

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Hi... I changed my nameservers from GoDaddy to InMotion on 4/9 for Changes show up on both sides but when go to root of domain do not get "page pending" page from inMotion as I would expect but neither do I get static page that is hosted at GoDaddy at domain root.

Would have expected nameserver changes to have fully propagated by now. Can you please check and see if I have done anything wrong?
Hello cottoa00,

I checked your domain name and it is displaying the 'Coming Soon' page from our servers. The domain name also gives our nameservers when digging the information.

Propagation can take up to 24 and even 48 hours on rare occassions, but it does appear that it has propagated globally. You may still be experiencing local propagation from your ISP or a caching issue.

Best Regards,
Scott M