FTP Backup error

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I'm trying to get an automatic FTP remote Cpanel backup through an API I got directly from Cpanel official site. It starts but then log shows an error:

Net::FTP>>> Net::FTP(2.77)
Net::FTP>>> Exporter(5.63)
Net::FTP>>> Net::Cmd(2.29)
Net::FTP>>> IO::Socket::INET(1.31)
Net::FTP>>> IO::Socket(1.31)
Net::FTP>>> IO::Handle(1.28)
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.41 beta
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 220-written by Tim Kosse ([email protected])
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 220 Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> USER oldlegobackup
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 331 Password required for oldlegobackup
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> PASS ....
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 230 Logged on
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> TYPE I
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 200 Type set to I
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> CWD /
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 250 CWD successful. "/" is current directory.
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> ALLO 129453378
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 202 No storage allocation neccessary.
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> PASV
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)<<< 227 Entering Passive Mode (178,23,202,171,203,25)
Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2605d10)>>> STOR backup-4.7.2013_14-48-23_oldleg5.tar.gz
Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at /usr/lib64/perl5/Net/FTP/dataconn.pm line 54.

My bad?
Hello oldleg5,

In researching the error message, it seems to have to do with the passive mode in the connection. Try turning the passive mode off and reconnecting.

Best Regards,
Scott M