Cron is Not Working

  • Answered
I have a php script that I want to run periodically.
The script works and can be accessed

I set up cron to run every 3 minutes(just for test) with the following link
php -q /home/brandi14/public_html/scripts/trend.php
But it doesn't work
Hello brandi14, I regret to hear that Cron is Not Working, but thank you for posting your question. When setting up a cron job, please ensure it is set up as per the instructions for the following article: How to run a cron job. I checked the cron logs and can see the cron ran successfully yesterday from 7:53am to 8:22am. I also see that it was called again at 12:29am this morning. It is definitely running according the cron logs. Best Regards, Scott M