Owncloud use

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I see that I can install owncloud on my own domain.
How does that work with your general use policy, in particular this statement:

" Using a hosting account primarily for online file storage or archiving electronic files is prohibited."

But isn't that what a cloud service does??

I would use owncloud as I currently use Google Drive and Dropbox, with the difference that it'll be on my own domain. In other words, it'll be file storage, mp3's, documents, pictures etc.
The minimum storage at the free dropbox as you probably know is 2GB, up to 18 GB via referrals.
On my google drive I can potentionaly use several GB's (although I currently don't)

Can I use owncloud on my domain for that?


Thank you for your question Ron!

If you are uploading and linking to the file through your Website then that is fine. If you are uploading data for storing backups of it that is not web related then the Terms of Service is violated. Hope this clarifies.

Best Regards,
James R