How do I switch to from a website software program installed on my computer?

  • Answered
I am an Inmotion hosting customer. I currently use software on my computer to create my website. I am now interested in switching to the platform. I need to be able to create my wordpress site while my current site is still able to be viewed by the public. I want my domain name to remain the same once I switch. How do I go about this? Will downloading the wordpress software disturb my current site somehow?
Hello NikLee, If you are looking to download and install the Wordpress program onto your hosting account, you will not need to involve The Wordpress program is available via the Softaculous tool found in your cPanel. You can certainly install that into a subfolder such as so you can create the site while your other site is up and running. Once you have finished your Wordpress site, you can move it from the subfolder to the root of your domain. We have an article that walks you through a similar process with removing files from another development tool and moving the Wordpress to it's own folder. The process is pretty much the same, especially the Wordpress section. Removing builder files and moving your wordpress to the main folder Best Regards, Scott M