How do I change my log in address

  • Answered
Due to receiving 'spoofing' return emails I was forced to cancel the violated email address. Hated that as the address was most appropriate for my tasking. But now, the email address appears in my Horde login by default and I can't seem to get rid of it. I have obtained a replacement email address, via the cpanel but the old one continues to appear in the email slot.
Your sage advice appreciated.
Hello CarlAsher,

The email address that is saved and appearing in the log area is likely a result of the browser caching it. You can remove this by using your particular browser's 'clear recent history' or 'clear browsing history' tool. There is usually an option for 'autofill data' or 'active logins', this is the option you want to clear out.

Best Regards,
Scott M