CSS not being served for everyone

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Sometimes the CSS stylesheet isn't being loaded for everyone but on our dev site on a completely different server it works just fine.

Any ideas?
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CSS is not working in chrome
On my website aiiiv.com not working. He not only works in chrome and browsers made based on it. More in the morning everything worked fine. To check, I even created a separate file and wrote CSS on line in the tag but even so, CSS does not work.
Style Sheet problem

Just uploaded site into public_html folder keeping the same index/file structure as I have it locally. When I open it from my machine to test it in my browser, everything works. When I view my published webpage, I can see the site, but not the Style Sheet (css).  Why not?

Hello alakparov,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with CSS in Chrome. We are happy to take a look for you. I would need to see an example of what you are referencing. I did take a look at your main site in both Firefox and Chrome and they are both showing up correctly.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello CourtneyScott,

Thank you for your question. Since there are many reasons why an issue can occur, we would need more information to replicate the problem and provide a specific answer, such as the domain name, the type of browser being used, etc.

Please respond with more information, or contact live technical support.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,