When does domain nameserver pointing take effect?

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I just pointed my ajnaidas.com domain that came free from bluehost to InMotion's nameservers. I thought that after the pointing, ajnaidas.com should not work because there are no files present in public_html folder of my InMotion server. Since the site still displays what it usually displays, I assume that the nameserver pointing has not yet taken effect. When will this take effect? I need to be able to start working again as soon as possible. I also have another domain that I purchased from bluehost that I want to transfer to InMotion. Clients are looking at that site and I to delay their looking just because of the nameserver pointing delay.

Please tell me if I am getting something wrong. Thank You!
Hi ajnaidas, Scott is correct, DNS changes typically take 24 hours at most. You can read more about this by clicking here. I did a quick test as well using our online tool, and ajnaidas.com does appear to be pointing to our nameservers. Thanks, - Brad
Hello ajnaidas,

A name server change can take up to 24 hours normally, with extreme cases taking up to 48, depending on the different servers across the web. I did a check on your domain name and am seeing the InMotion coming soon page. This means that the propagation is indeed occurring. Your local DNS server should see the new change soon.

Best Regards,
Scott M