No Image Available in website

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I use Filezilla and uploaded my images in: /public_html/img/ASU/B-2
I use prestashop version .
i work now in /public_html/ps6 this is also :
well in this website i cant see any images only: Image Not Available ! and i know people from inmotionhosting said they can see the images, well but i never and my friends with other internet connection cannot too, same me.

Then in my back office =
i find in Catalog and then Products then click SEO , well there i see friendly URL = ......../8-jewel2001.html .
And there i can open but also NOT see only Image Not Available.

1. I dont know why the URL from in my CSV : Image URL is different ?

2.Where should i save my images then?

3 In my Filezilla i see in :/ then i double clicked for open all files, i get the public_html, yes, BUT under there i see a map too with www, well what is this map for?

4. If i saved all images in /public_html/ps6, and i linked them with my csv import products , then they will show online or not?. Or i must do individual all images load up from my locol computer ? Then why i must load they first up with my Filezilla program into /public_html/ps6?

5. I liked to send u my csv import products file as well, but dont know how ..

What changes i must make ?

Well thanks you in front

I been long on this issue

Hope u can help me

Hello Greetzz,

This question is identical to the one posted yesterday. This matter will be followed up in the previous post. As per your response. The issue is currently be reviewed. Please do not repeat your posts.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.