Problems Sending Emails

  • Answered
I've for some weeks experienced problems with outgoing emails, as in unable to send as the mail "freezes". It is typical mid/later afternoon/evening as right now 8.20 pm.
Hello Sindal, Thanks for submitting a question about problems sending emails. This is a very odd problem - sorry to hear that you are having issues with outgoing emails. In order to troubleshoot the issue, we really need examples of email errors or emails that you have sent at that time. Bounces (email errors) complete with the header information would be the best way to determine what's happening - if it's a problem with the server. If you are sending a message and it freezes, then the server will generate an error if there is a bounce. However, if it's just freezing up and you have no errors or feed back from the server, then it will require a different type of diagnostic - and this needs to run from YOUR computer during the time period you're having problems. Please refer to the following email for the ping/trace diagnostic: How to run a Ping and Tracert You will need to run these tests during the time that you're having problems. The data will need to sent to Techical Support. This will start a ticket whereby they can analyze your findings and hopefully determine the cause of the issue. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.