Can different database settings prevent site from working properly?

  • Answered
Moving sql database from host that uses InnoDB default storage engine and utf8_general_ci collation to InMotion which uses MyISAM default storage engine and latin1_swedish_ci collation. Site is not working well (to put it mildly). Could the different storage engine/collation settings be the problem or should I look elsewhere?
Thank you for yoru question webjockey! You should be ok to import your database the way you did as long as there were no charset-dependent data in the database and code. The database may have become corrupt after the collation change. Try running a repair on the database. How to Check and Repair a MySQL Database You may want to create the DB first, then set the collation, then import with a file which has the collation in the "create table" section. The data has to be imported into table with the correct collation. Best Regards, James R