Where is Function Feature in PHPMyAdmin?

  • Answered
I'm having password problems. I got instructions to go to wp_users and change the password there. So far so good. But the instructions then say to locate MD5 under the "Function" drop down. I cannot find the word function anywhere. Is this an outdated set of instructions? I need to know how to proceed from here.
Hello johnm, Thanks for your question about the function feature in PHPMyAdmin. To get to that specific area for the table, perform these steps: 1) lot into phpmyadmin 2) select the database you want to work with from the left hand menu. 3) click on the table you want to work with from the left hand menu (wp_users) 4) On the right hand panel, you will see the data for the table. TO the left of each row you will see a few links. Click on the Edit link for the row you want to edit. 5)Now you can see all the columns listes. Each column has a dropdown. This is the Function dropdpwn. Click that and select the MD5 option. 6) Enter your new password in the Value field, which is to the right of the Function dropdown. 7) Click GO at the bottom to save it. That should get you all set and your new password should now work. Best Regards, Scott M