Trouble With Hosts File After Migration

  • Answered
I've modified my hosts file to my domain be recognized to you server or nameserver but I can't get to my site.
I've rebooted my machine and all browsers on my machine lots of times.
I need to test everyting before changing DNS.
What do I need to do more?
Hello gualdim, and thanks for your question about trouble with hosts file after migration. If you've already correctly followed the steps in our guide on modifying your hosts file and if your domain was you should have ended up with entries in your hosts file like this:

The IP address of the shared server your account is on is, so that's the IP you want to be sure you're using. I typically would recommend connecting directly to our server via FTP on that IP address and uploading a file such as test.htm. Then trying to to access so that if that file pulls up, you know you're on the proper server. If for some reason you can't get your hosts file to properly point to the correct place, then you could also attempt to test your site using your temporary URL. Let us know if you're still having any issues getting either to work properly. - Jacob