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I need to connect to my inMotion mySQL DB via Navicat (3rd party DB admin program) and the support docs here say I need to add my IP to Remote Database Access Hosts in order to get access. But I enter my IP as listed and I'm told I have to use a domain name!?!? Help? I also need to know how to configure my client to get into this platform.

Thank you for the question PreLit!

If you are not able to connect because of the IP address you can try placing a % to allow all IPs to see if that fixed the problem. If you think your domain is not allowing the access then you can use the IP address in your cpanel. You can show your client the following tutorial to get them connected to your databases.

Connecting to your database with Navicat for MySQL 10

If you still cannot connect, please contact tech support so they can replicate and fix your connection problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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